Innovative Entertainment in Digital Story Writing

When I first read the short psychological thriller called “Your Place and Mine” by the couple Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, I thought that it was fairly well written. Even though the hints of “something is not right” could have been more subtle and woven in with more forethought, the story still managed to thrill me with its gruesome end. Once I found out, through an interview of the creators, that the authors had written “Your Place and Mine” almost on the spot in front of a live online audience, I greatly appreciated their dynamic storytelling. Suddenly, the back and forth short lines– almost like a chat, but with private thoughts – between the two characters, Terry and Laurence, seemed ingenious and perfectly fitting for the way the story was revealed. Readers also get a chance to read the raw, unfiltered writing which seems appropriate for developing an unstable character like Terry. The writers get a more responsive and interactive audience and get to see their responses in real time, while the audience members feel more connected with authors by seeing their real time (although fabricated) typing and backspaces. Even if the authors felt anxious with writing in front of thousands of readers, they felt excited to be able to engage readers in a completely original way by slowly revealing a riveting story bit by bit. This form of digital story writing manages to encompass the spirit of writing but with a genius twist in entertainment, making it successful and hopefully one of the first of many to come.

Gerrard, Nicci, and Sean French. “Your Place and Mine.” We Tell Stories. Penguin, 7 Apr. 2008. Web. 24 June 2016.

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